True Buds Show #3 Netherfriends

Netherfriends sits down with Jack to talk about Cannabis, Music, the Creative Process, making a living off Spotify, his upcoming 50 States Tour and much more! �Follow Netherfriends � �Spotify�…YAQ7S4DoMTTp5rBw �itunes � �YouTube � �Thanks to the…

True Buds Show #3 Netherfriends



Netherfriends sits down with Jack to talk about Cannabis, Music, the Creative Process, making a living off Spotify, his upcoming 50 States Tour and much more!
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Netherfriends The One Man Band puts the word Hustle to work dropping an album a week in 2019 and going on a 50 states tour in 2020.

– When you release music regularly on Spotify the algorithm will push your music.
– Songs on the beach single instrument album is pretty unheard of.
– The key to creating content is limitation.
– Netherfriends has been doing embroidery, making custom clothing.
– Netherfriends lived in Chicago for about 10 years.
– In 2010 Netherfriends did a 50 states tour.
– Netherfriends and Blake rules make Kids Trap Albums .
– Justin Bieber’s mom retweeted Netherfriends song “I Love My Mom”
– Release an album a month is a great way to start as a musician.
– It’s about your skills, skills pay the bills.
– Netherfriends one take music videos are Awesome!
– In 2016 Netherfriends started dropping an Album a month.
– Netherfriends loves playing in Alaska.
– Always eat your weed when your on the road, it’s the Law.
– Eating the weed has save Netherfriends so many times.
– In 2020 Nehterfriends will be touring all 50 States in a Tesla.
– He has album called 50 songs 50 states
– Netherfriends will be releasing an album a month in 2021
– Netherfriends pays rent with his Spotify checks.
– We’re just vessels here to create shit.
– Everyone is going to have to create and make living off their own skills.
– Being able to capitalize of your emotions.
– Netherfriends used to have a band but decided to do it all himself using loop pedals.
– Netherfriends opened for GHerbo and other big rappers.
– Netherfriends play Pitchfork Festival in 2010.
– Setting up projects is the fun.
– Netherfriends goes to the Terp Market every Thursday.
– There is mostly OG and Cookies.
– The Jack Herrer and Train Wreck smell is so good!
– Different Vendors at the weed flea market, FREE Dabs.
– Low prices at the Terp Market 4grams for around $20.
– New rule pass joint to someone else.
– Level Blends Pro Tab
– Absolute Extracts
– Elite California
– Netherfriends only smokes Flower and Dabs! He just likes weed.
– It’s hard to beat flower.
– Netherfriends stoner albums.
– Netherfriends stoned as fuck.
– Netherfriends want to prove weed doesn’t make you lazy.
– Netherfriends like like to wait until 4:20 to smoke usually.
– You waste so much weed smoking early.
– Netherfriends last one with a joint.
– You got me too stoned.
– Homemade edibles hit hard.
– Edibles at the end of the night.
– Netherfriends is on his own clock.
– Microdosing shrooms feels like an edible, it’s popular in Silicon Valley.
– Acid is like man made shrooms.
– Rap is like modern day Jazz.
– Everybody knows Netherfriends smokes weed.
– Netherfriends loves to smoke before his shows, he did shrooms at his last show.
– Netherfriends knows his lane.
– Spotify is the best!
– Bring weed to the 50 states tour, and don’t roll it up.

Thanks again to Netherfriends, it was absolute pleasure!

Thanks again for watching True Buds Show #3 Netherfriends

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