Lost In A Beat [ Music Montage ]

[ 2012 – 2013 Clips From The Underground! ] I Edited the structure of this video ( Lost In A Beat ) at the start of 2013, After a couple years of the video being on YouTube i took it…

Lost In A Beat [ Music Montage ]


[ 2012 – 2013 Clips From The Underground! ]

I Edited the structure of this video ( Lost In A Beat ) at the start of 2013, After a couple years of the video being on YouTube i took it down cause i didn’t like some of the clips i had put in the video , It has been in hidden Till one night going through the archives i seen the intro and thought to myself this was too good of a video to keep underground. So i started editing the video again. What i thought was i was just changing a couple clips but ounce i got into it i ended up editing a whole new video! Only original part of the first “ Lost in A Beat “ is the song and some of the quick flashes that match the beat. I chose this song cause it brought back a lot of memories of my childhood, I first heard the song on the Video Game GTA San Andreas ( Radio Los Santos ) when i was about 10. San Andreas was a game i spent half my childhood on with my cousin Austin Mallow ( Rest In Peace ) so it had more of a meaning to me! and I’ve always been a fan of Ice Cube cause of the movie Friday. Friday and San Andreas was Part of the reason i started getting into low riders and Putting wire wheels on my trucks! Im stoke to have a couple of clips of the “ 1991 Bagged Chevy S10 ” in there, That trucks has been a money pit nightmare since i bought as a project in 2012. And still is a project hahah from the outside it looks golden but there has been a lot of neglect on that truck. I re- did alot of things , yet still have alot more to feel fully comfortable driving it around again! Its crazy how video can give you a perception on something totally different then what it was, How i edited these clips together makes it look like this was a great couple of years but in all honestly these years where the darkest years of my life! Just now i can look back to see how bad things where! My Cousin Austin passed Away in 2012 and everything changed after that , i am very thank full i had filming and Skateboarding at that time cause things could have gotten worse then they already where! Austin never got to see any of my filmed Edits but he did see the AR-15 Clips i filmed In ND! This was one of those Projects you just want to be over with, i went through a lot of old SD cards and flash drives trying to find any clip that would fit the flow of this edit and that i haven’t shown before! Alot of clips i didn’t have on SD cards cause i didn’t start saving clips on cards till 2013. So majority of the clips in this video are cut from other Videos , why some have sound and others don’t! Im stoked to get this Edit public, all these clips deserve to see the light of day! it was a dark time of my life but not all was bad. I see myself Remastering a couple more Underground Videos in the Near Future , Stay Posted!

Cameras: Panasonic HDC-TM900 & GoPro Hero 2 ( Dinosaur )
Locations: Oroville Skatepark | North Dakota | Northern California | Burbank
People in the video: James Jackson | Chaz Paul | Kyle Lane | Bob J | Austin Mallow | Colvin Archuletta | Harley S
Song By Ice Cube – Check Yo Self ( Remix ) From Bootlegs & B- Sides !
Video By James Jackson Videography
Typical California Skateboarder ( NorCal Edition )

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“Check Yo Self” is the second hit single from Ice Cube’s third solo album Predator. It was released in July 1993 and features New York rappers Das EFX. It topped both the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop and Rap charts while also reaching number 20 on the Hot 100 chart.[1] The song retains two main versions, the original and a remix which utilizes the same beat as Grandmaster Flash’s “The Message,” titled “Check Yo Self (The Message Remix)”.

The song is featured on Ice Cube’s Bootlegs & B-Sides album and was later released on his Greatest Hits album. The clean version of “Check Yo Self (The Message Remix)” can be found within the popular videogame Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, playing on the West Coast Hip hop radio station Radio Los Santos and in the soundtrack of the movie Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay. In January 2010, Snoop Dogg released a cover version of the song.

The music video for “Check Yo Self” makes use of the remix version. Similar to the video for his previous single “It Was A Good Day,” most of the scenes follow and illustrate respective lyrics of the song. The video continues where “It Was A Good Day” left off, with Ice Cube’s home being surrounded and invaded by the LAPD!

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