Interstellar Trip Hop 2

The authorized follow-up mix to “Interstellar: A Trip Hop Mix” Audio version: Track List: 1) Hopeful (Original Mix) – B-Side 2) Bus Ride (Featuring Karriem Riggins & River Tiber) – KAYTRANADA 1:25 3) In My Car – Gold Panda…

Interstellar Trip Hop 2



The authorized follow-up mix to “Interstellar: A Trip Hop Mix”

Audio version:

Track List:
1) Hopeful (Original Mix) – B-Side
2) Bus Ride (Featuring Karriem Riggins & River Tiber) – KAYTRANADA 1:25
3) In My Car – Gold Panda 3:34
4) Japan (Lofi remix) – Famous Dex 7:57
5) Massage Situation – Flying Lotus 9:45
6) Lefthanded Books (Mixed) – Nightmares On Wax 12:24
7) Skylight – Gramatik 18:34
8) 90MH but it’s a chill lofi type beat – Llusion 22:12
9) Dirge – Death In Vegas 23:42
10) What You Want – John Butler Trio 29:20
11) Let It Fall (Jay2daB EQ Remix) – Void Pedal 34:30
12) Can’t Leave The Night – BADBADNOTGOOD 39:04
13) Roy – Alpha 43:26
14) Winter – Caleb Belkin 46:32
15) Summer Tapes – The Cancel 48:24
16) Deep In The Matrix – Nube 49:57
17) Neverglade (UNKLE Surrender Sound Sessions #16) Trentemøller 52:34
18) Stem / Long stem (Clams Casino Remix) – DJ Shadow 58:10
19) Serenity – Menual 1:01:10
20) She – Pensees 1:06:07
21) Beside You – n u a g e s 1:10:18
22) Eternally Yours – Klimeks 1:14:10
23) Ranging – Homebody 1:18:30
24) Raging Homebody (Epidemic Sound) – Joel Kionga 1:20:41
25) Darkest (Dim) – Tokimonsta 1:23:04
26) Stranded – s e f r y n 1:28:00
27) Marriage (Star Slinger Remix) – Gold Panda 1:32:39
28) Reprise (T Hemingway Remix) – Gold Panda 1:37:08
29) I Think I’ m In Love (The Chemical Brothers Remix) – Spiritualized 1:40:40
30) Pepper (1995) – Alpha 1:48:07
31) Farewell – UNKLE 1:51:14
32) Outro – M83 1:57:18
33) Apple Orange – Alpha 2:01:09

If this Trip Hop Remix reminds you of simpler times when music and Hip Hop played on vinyl, yet it still gives you that Interstellar Trip Hop futuristic vibe & sound, then I might have done something right. I had hoped that there would be a follow up remix, but when none appeared, I eventually decided to try my hand at creating my own version. The result is this tribute remix inspired by Interstellar : A Trip Hop Mix.

I reached out to Confused Bi-Product of a Misinformed Culture who created the original mix with an early draft of this mix to ask for his permission to use the title of Interstellar Trip Hop 2 as a follow up to his now legendary Trip Hop classic: Interstellar Trip Hop.

Thankfully the request was received in the spirit in which it was intended. A huge mahalo to Confused Bi-Product of a Misinformed Culture for allowing me to post this remix in homage to the original. What follows is a lifetime of listening and participating in music, dance, and DJing distilled into a two hour remix. While attempting to remain true to the “feels” and sounds of the original, in my interpretation of Interstellar Trip Hop, I made it a point to include the following music genres as instrumental to Trip Hop’s development: Rap, Rock, Soul, Funk, Jazz, DrumNBass, EDM, and Deep House.. I know that I stand on the shoulders of giants. I hope that this remix is considered worthy of inclusion in the ongoing story that is Interstellar Trip Hop and that fans of the original remix will embrace this next chapter.

Please enjoy this audio music ride. It’s meant to be listened to: at the beach or a park, watching a sunset or night sky, on a long drive, in the office, after work or a night out, maybe even during some happy fun times with your favorite partner or partners.

Thanks for listening! Please Like & Subscribe if you enjoyed Interstellar Trip Hop 2 and would like to see future remixes such as a follow up to ITH2 or an international themed Lofi remix I’ve been working on.

All rights belong to the original artists. Please support their work.

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