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MOOSE HUNTING SEASON IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER. Become a club member today and have access to the most comprehensive online training courses to date! ​​ ​    How to call in trophy bull moose! Our proven calling techniques for…

Become a 60 Inch Club Member



Become a club member today and have access to the most comprehensive online training courses to date!

How to call in trophy bull moose!
Our proven calling techniques for calling in trophy bulls time after time.  This the latest and most up to date course available.
You will love this course because it contains real footage of actually calling in GIANT BULLS with two in the 70 Inches.

Moose hunting strategies!
Proven to work with actual live footage of our techniques  working over and over in real life hunts. 
You will love Guest speaker (CEO-Troy Sessions) talking about how to implement these strategies while watching his personal live footage of moose interacting with him with these strategies working.

Transporter costs $$$ and how to calculate your bush flight.
What NOT to do before you purchase commercial flights.
Transportation costs vary from different sized planes and knowing this will help you calculate your upcoming bush flights.  You will have a better understanding of what type of plane you will need for your adventure.  I will give you some very helpful tips as to maximize your pilots needs ultimately saving you money.

The best ways to get your trophies and meat back home.
This can be very challenging and something you want to plan BEFORE you arrive in Alaska.  We deal with this problem every year with our clients and have several methods of operations to share with you.

Detailed Alaska gear list
We will go over everything I personally use and recommend.  We will go indepth on this subject and will explain all the reasons why.  You will love this part!
Back packs, water purification, tents, clothing, Importance of tarps, type of waders, boot types, camo rafts and much more. 

Rifle calibers/ Optics
 Shot placement over big calibers while considering the ever present danger of grizzlies.   We share with you our tried and proven calibers and optics as well as other calibers.

Figure out how to decide who your Air-Taxi service will be.
Finding the best flight service can be one the most cost effective decision yo can make as well as being the most challenging.  We shed light on this subject that will help you immensely.

Know the land you are going to hunt, before you head out into the field.
This segment is very important and you must know before you go.  With all the land types and NO FLY ZONES it can be mind boggling. This course will go over this!

How to quarter up a moose.
You must do this correctly to stay legal with Fish and Game laws.  Not doing this correctly can result in max fines upwards of $20,000.00 fine plus one year in jail and no hunting in Alaska for 5 years.  This course will go in-depth on this subject!

Packing your backpack so it’s an easy transition from plane to the pack. 
Your bush pilot will require packing the plane correctly and having your backpack ready for this will help tremendously and make this a smooth transition. 

Preparing for GRIZZLY BEAR problems on your hunt
Run-ins with GRIZZLIES is a very real and present danger in Alaska. Will you be prepared?  We live in Alaska and have run into these giants often and know just what advice to give you on this subject. 

What you MUST KNOW as you are flying out into the bush.
This knowledge is a GAME CHANGER!  What we share with you will increase your success and we do this every-time we fly out to camp.

Meat care while in camp
Another subject that will keep you on the good graces of FISH AND GAME.  You are already successful.  Make sure you finish the hunt without your meat going bad and being fined by FISH AND GAME.  We have proven techniques that have worked for us and will share these in the course. 

Your questions answered LIVE during this course. 
You will have questions during this course.  We will be standing by to answer them live and  in the message feed. ​

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