BAKUGOU RAP SONG | “BLOW UP!” | Cam Steady feat. Fabvl [MHA]

The bakugou rap song “BLOW UP!” by cam steady ft. fabvl SUBSCRIBE► | GET THE SONG► More Songs► Follow Cam Steady! Instagram► Twitter► Facebook► SUPPORT ME► Watch More Cam Steady! Greatest Hits► Most…

BAKUGOU RAP SONG | "BLOW UP!" | Cam Steady feat. Fabvl [MHA]



The bakugou rap song “BLOW UP!” by cam steady ft. fabvl
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Video by Kevin Krust
Mixed and Mastered Azu

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About Cam Steady
Welcome to the official Cam Steady YouTube channel that was formerly VideoGameRapBattles! I’m Cam, rapper and creator of VideoGameRapBattles. Video Game Rap Battles is a series that pits two popular gaming characters against each other in an epic rap battle. These rapping battles span from Classic Nintendo, to Modern Triple A, to Indie Horror, so be sure to suggest which gaming icon you would like to see rap in the comments! On this channel you will find a variety of content like raps, battles, gaming, and more! Make sure to subscribe and enable ALL notifications! This anime song is a bakugo song about bakugo mha from my hero academia. This my hero academia song is a bakugo rap song that talks about rap bakugo mha in this my hero academia rap bakugo song. I teamed up with fabvl to create this bakugo fabvl song in this mha bakugo. THe character bakugo and deku are stars in the mha reacts and there are epic battels such as bakugo vs deku which have been depicted in mha gacha life and mha tiktoks videos. There will be more mha song coming like this mha bakugou song depicting deku bakugou and more.

Katsuki bakugo from this bakugou rap song also known as Kacchan or just mha bakugou by his childhood friends, and his hero name Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight, is a student in Class 1-A at U.A. High School, training to become a Pro Hero. He is the deuteragonist of the series.

my hero academia or simply mha is a Japanese superhero manga series written and illustrated by Kōhei Horikoshi. The story follows Izuku Midoriya, a boy born without superpowers (called Quirks) in a world where they have become commonplace, but who still dreams of becoming a superhero himself. He is scouted by All Might, Japan’s greatest hero, who chooses Midoriya as his successor and shares his Quirk with him after recognizing his potential, and later helps to enroll him in a prestigious high school for heroes in training. This story goes through diving into deku bakugou and mha bakugou song relationship details.

mha has been serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump since July 2014, with its chapters. The series mha has been licensed for an English-language release by Viz Media and began serialization in their weekly digital manga anthology Weekly Shonen Jump in February 2015. Shueisha began to simulpublish the series in English on the website and app Manga Plus in January 2019. The series has also inspired numerous spin-off manga, such as My Hero Academia: Vigilantes and My Hero Academia: Team-Up Missions.


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